Playstation 3, where for art thou?

Yet again Europe gets the short straw and gets its ps3s much later than everyone

This could bring some interesting things.

  • Better way of manufacture (blu ray diode problems)
  • Some of the teething troubles will hopefully be ironed out
  • could be cheeper (naa you know sony)

Well the only drawback is the Wii could get some headway in the console market. Although, the wii is just a gimmic really. All it is, is an upgraded gamecube with a fancy prancy controller and the only thing about it is that its cheep. I has exactly the same spec as the original xbox, but, lacks a dvd player . I think the wii will be a big hit, but will return to about as popular as the gamecube was.

Oh well bring on the European Console wars!

Captain, Break Radio Silence!


its me im back.

Its been a few busy weeks for me and alot of stuff that happened, didnt happen etc.

Anyway Bond, James Bond. Just saw the film and OOOOOH MY GOD was it soooo much better than all the other bond films.

The beginning was a little slow but it soon got going. There are some really funny parts in it, there was this one bit with bond in a chair with …. well i wont give it away, however I will say “NOOOO TO THE RIGHT”

Great film much better than Bonds other incarcerations a definite watch if you have the time (2 hours ish). Oh and I thought that I might as well find the opening credits sequence for you lot, very crisp animation (if your not a pirate).