AllofMP3, free mp3s you say

Yes i do title, yes i do the russian site, is giving away freeeeeeeeeeeeee mp3s (wrapped in drm)

okokok calm down.

  1. First make an account
  2. Download the player
  3. Login
  4. Find an album you like
  5. Place it in your basket and select free mode on the popup
  6. Wait for the files to be encoded
  7. After a short wait your files are ready. Just save them all by target
  8. Drag and drop them into the player
  9. Enjoy!

No doubt someone will find a way around it...

Disclaimer: I am NOT responsable for any legal issues that COULD arise from this (although hey, its the provider)

GRAB YOUR SEATS, its firefox 2!

Firefox 2 has been released

Firefox 2

YAY mind you i have been using the rc’s for a bit so nothing new to me 😛


Here are SOME the new features for your eyes

  • Built-in phishing protection:
    Phishing Protection
    warns users when they encounter suspected Web forgeries, and offers to
    return the user to their home page. Phishing Protection is turned on by
    default, and works by checking sites against either a local or online
    list of known phishing sites. This list is automatically downloaded and
    regularly updated when the Phishing Protection feature is enabled.
  • Improved tabbed browsing: By default, Firefox will open links in new tabs instead of new windows, and each tab will now have
    a close tab
    button. Power users who open more tabs than can fit in a single window
    will see arrows on the left and right side of the tab strip that let
    them scroll back and forth between their tabs. The History menu will
    keep a list of recently closed tabs, and a shortcut lets users quickly
    re-open an accidentally closed tab.
  • Previewing and subscribing to Web feeds: Users can decide how to handle Web feeds (like
    this one), either subscribing to them via a Web service or in a
    standalone RSS reader, or adding them as Live Bookmarks. My Yahoo!, Bloglines
    and Google Reader come pre-loaded as Web service options, but users can add any Web service that handles RSS feeds

Rest of it here

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