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About Chij

A human by default. A person to everyone. An acquaintance to many. A friend to few. An Artist by trade, a brother to two.

Second Edition …

…Okay, so here I am in Wales. On my new PC, vista and all that Jazz. Got a pretty neat set up, had to buy some speakers, but for  Â£9.99, I’m not too bitter 😀

Now, ATM I’m listening to Blink 182, as that is what I was copying, and it seems that SouthanUK General, at this time, has 182 posts. LOL. [This’ll be 189. Kinda ruins the magic XD]

Now, I’m here in Wales, and have found that I HAVE HIOMEWORK xD Nah, my uni has sent me some shit about a “PRD” [personal reflective diary …I can only assume the faggotry of this name is cause I’m taking an art fag course which is probably mainly female] and it means I have to write what “inspires me” each day. Hmm. Could be interesting. It’s going well. I’ve done a “title page”, but need to catch up for teh week otr so of august that has passed me by xD. It’s only A5 big though, so it’s okay 😀

AS WELL AS THAT I have to do a load of drawings in an A4 sketchbook, of me, the world etc.

It should be fun though. Trying not to look at it as work. I like to draw. Should be good 😀 Hmm… I’ll let you know how it goes …

AS PER OTHER NEWS… Nah, actually that’s about it. Had to go into town twice today to sort out shit, and I find that [the second time I went] I needed a hundred pounds deposit to start a flex account. Fail.

Oh well. My space should be up now-ish.


My first edition

This is Chij and here I am, on SouthanUK. I am a “Contributor” and will attempt to do so as much as possible.

Er… what to say, what to say.

Well… For any who don’t know me, …theres not much to tell really, unless you’re really interested, in which case, read on. If you’re not interested, WHY ARE YOU HERE? XD

I have [hopefully] completed A levels, and am going to do a foundation study in Art and Design at Glamorgan in Wales. Yes, Wales. I know. Far away. Blah.

I draw. This is, essentially, ALL I DO. That’s why there is a “[hopefully]” in the previous …paragraph? It was kinda short to be dubbed a paragraph, but the grammatical constraints deem it so.

Now. More stuff? I also play guitar, work out when I can, dress weirdly. I dont know. Nothing really out of the ordinary for the quintessential art student 18 years of age.

Blah. You’re still reading?

WHAT IS IMHO? Okay, let me explain. When you [in predictive text speak] type “going”, you press 4-6-4-6-4. Now, when typing 4-6-4-6, you come up with “imho”. Is it merely In My Honest Opinion? This I am told, but I do not like to agree with.

So yeah.

Chij out.

Shit Happens.

Bored Now.