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Windows 7, on my Laptop

Good news everyone! I have Windows 7 on my Lappy.


You may remember I wrote earlier that I received Windows 7 the day before it came out, thanks to Amazon’s fancy delivery department. The only thing putting me off actually installing the OS was that I lacked an external HDD. So for Christmas, that’s just what I purchased.


The HDD in question:


Seagate Expansions 1TB External Desktop USB 2.0 Hard Drive


Quite the HDD indeed. With Backup and whatnot done on the old Vista installation, Windows 7 was duely loaded onto a freshly formatted hard drive.


I must say, the 15 minute install was very impressive. I did have a few problems however:

  • Native drivers didn’t recognise my wireless network, fixed by installing Dell’s drivers
  • Touchpad was a bit erratic at times, fixed by installing necessary drivers
  • McAfee refuses to install on it, my fault however, I seem to have used it on too many computers 😛

Other than that, the install was pretty painless.


Final thoughts: Windows 7 is indeed quite the improvement on the bloated monster that was Vista. Improvements in power management means I was able to squeeze another 30 minutes out of the battery, which is very surprising due to the battery coming up for 2 years in age. The only thing that is irking me slightly is the taskbar. The taskbar, when it gets full, groups by application, which can be a pain to navigate. I know this can be turned off but the option “Never Combine” just doesn’t cut the mustard. Also the time taken for Aero Peek to work is, by default, a tad too long. A simple registry change fixes this and makes the operating system, graphically, a bit more snappy. All in all, a great operating system indeed.

TV, now in HD

First post for a while eh? Well not much has changed in Southanuk, its still 10 and as usual, I’ve forgotten to post for ages.


These girls look so happy, little do the realise, they're trapped inside a TV

These girls look so happy, little do the realise, they're trapped inside a TV

Recently I have acquired a very nice little TV/Monitor for my room. The monitor in question is a 23 inch Samsung 2333HD. A very nice sized TV with a modest array of inputs (Its technically a monitor so I shouldn’t moan.) My one very big quibble is the sound with the inbuilt speakers. Now I wasn’t expecting much in the way of sound but there is absolutely no bass whatsoever on these speakers. Luckily I had some old PC speakers laying about so I just plugged those in instead, hey presto, bass.

I must say having the option for 1080p is very handy with me having a PS3 and all, however, the majority of PS3 games are only 720p max. So until Sony make it mandatory for all games to be 1080p max I’ll have to enjoy 720p games. Saying that, some games are 1080p like LocoRoco Cocoreccho.


All in all its a brilliant little TV/Monitor for the price ( Â£214.)

Southanuk Podcast 11

So in light of Southanuk celebrating its 10th birthday, here is a relevant podcast 🙂 .
Show notes:

Is a Lion cub a Lion? [As posed my Matthew Loftus]

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Can you lick someone's elbow and get away with it?

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Southanuk theme action!

Now with working theme!

As you can probably see, or not if you are blind, I have rejigged a couple of things and got rid of that terrible grey background on the whole site. The comment form now works perfectly and a redesigned login bar is there for your use. Other bits here and there have been messed with and should look a bit nicer.

Enjoy 🙂