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Water water everywhere, so why not drink it!

Well we have known it all along, bottled water is no different, its probably better for you.

As you will hear in the video, the bottled water could contain more impurities and crap than tap water.

This should put you off from buying expensive water, it just aint worth it. So when going out, grab an empty bottle of water (which you have to buy, of course 😉 ), and fill it up using your tap.

Throw away your TV – Bottled Water is Bullsh*t

Silly Microsoft

A recent update to everyone’s XP validated their install to make sure that their copy was genuine. Well it now turns out that a user of Windows is sueing Microsoft because of this.

Id like to see how far he gets

Screenshot once it finds out its not real:

Lawsuit calls Microsoft’s anti-piracy tool spyware

A computer user is suing Microsoft Corp. over the company’s Windows Genuine Advantage anti-piracy tool, alleging that it violates laws against spyware