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So how was your week?

Har har me first.

So its…. *looks at calendar* the 3rd week of the holidays and what have I done?


It is so hot i cannot be bothered to do anything, even make some mods to my pc, which are really really needed.

Anyways lapping up the powerpuff action eagerly waiting for the new subbed episode to appear on youtube. Episode 3 is out and subbed but I cant embed it yet since the author doesnt want it embeding, oh well have to wait.

Webhosts…. My tale

Well sorry I haven’t been as regular in posting stuff but I have had a week of anger.

Let me take you back 2 years.

It was the summer of 2004 I was a man with a plan; to open the first paid I originally had hosting with my ISP but they didn’t have what I needed so I bought and some hosting. It went live just before the summer term and I was happy that I was able to finally have some breathing space to develop what I wanted and how I wanted. The hosting deal was really good, 300mb and 15 GB of traffic (plus 6 mysql), all for the princely sum of  Â£34.


A year passed all was good until the hosting company decided to change hands to a new company. Now this was at the time that I was due to re-apply for another years hosting, however being younger than I was, I didn’t see the writing on the wall. Soon after I had paid again for another year I realised that everything was going tits up. The servers were going down days at a time and mostly every day. I, again, thought nothing of this and stuck with it.

Now on to 2006…

Then I started to get royally pissed of with this “company.”  This was around the time of renewing for another year (3rd time); I thought that enough was enough. However, this was also around the time of my exams, and being the least of my priorities, went to the bottom of my list. I wrote somewhere to remind myself that I should update my hosting and switch, but this was also clashing with a summer school course that I had applied for at Wye College. So, after coming back from wye I realized that I had not canceled the contract, so I set upon canceling the contract with them.

I asked them to cancel the first time and eventually (after 5 hours) wrote back saying:

There will be a
cancelation fee of  Â£10.

To hell with that I thought. So to discuss the matter further I sent them another email saying to go ahead and cancel. 4 days passed and still no reply, eventually I got the account canceled but I mean who has to go through with this aggravation? You don’t.

  • If they look dodgy, then they probably are
  • If their support is rubbish, stay away
  • If the price is suspiciously low, don’t go.

So kids stay safe and be cool about fire safety