This is becoming a habit.

Hello all. Yes I seem to have, once again, neglected my site.


However, now its September, I once again feel the need to blog something.


Sitting here on my lunch break typing on my HTC Desire at this very moment, so I will keep this short. Plans for Sept? Doing a fair bit of cover at work. Ooh I’ve nearly been here 2 years now, pleased. What else? Got a party on Sat with my good friend Loz. Looking forward to that. And finally going back to university later this month.


Must get back to work. Ta ra.

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I'm a Medical Genetics Graduate and currently studying BioInformatics. Science, anime and web design are my passions. Feel free to leave a comment or message me on Twitter @fatjoe151.

  • Edibah

    I like this comment. Because I’m in it, and because JoeMan is looking forward to it 😀