Southanuk Mobile – WPTouch and Android

So recently you may have noticed I bought myself a brand new HTC Desire. Since then I’ve been striving to get this site to display properly in the web browser.



To achieve this I used the fantastic WPTouch made by BraveNewCode. A very simple and easy to use plugin that requires hardly any configuration. Its very easy to add new user agents of websites I wanted to target and looks great too! You can also integrate your Twitter account into it using their other plugin WordTwit [Unfortunately I don’t use that on this blog, but I’m sure its up to the standard of WPTouch.]


To try it out on your mobile device, point your camera to this QR code and give it a scan, or just enter to view it also.


  • Two problems:
    1. just redirects to the full version of the website at in Opera Mobile 9.7 on my HD2 (and PIE).
    2. I couldn't connect with Facebook when I decided to leave this comment. 🙁

    Other than that, great stuff!

  • Joe

    Cheers for that Mark, I think I've sorted it out, DISQUS uses a different Facebook connect ID than Southanuk does, just disabled Southanuk's on single post views. Also I've added the user agent strings for Opera Mobile and PIE so fingers crossed it should work.

    Thanks for the feedback as always 😀

  • Now when I try to connect with Facebook, a Facebook connect box appears that allows me to login but once I do so, nothing changes. Opera and PIE are still redirecting to the main website for the moment (this may be caused by a cache somewhere, but I've given any caches involved a fair amount of time to refresh). Maybe just let everything that navigates to see the mobile version? doesn't bother trying to redirect desktop browsers to the main website anymore…

    The screenshot looks great!

  • Joe

    Hum strange that you cant login. Could be facebook related because the code gets switched off for single posts. As to the mobile domain, could you post some useragents, would be usefull (Y) [qrcodetag]

  • Here are the user agents:
    PIE: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; HTC_HD2_T8585; Windows Phone 6.5)
    Opera Mobile 9.7: HTC_HD2_T8585 Opera/9.7 (Windows NT 5.1; U; en)

    The Facebook login problem could be a browser issue – OpenID behaves in a similar way…

  • Name

    Testing Facebooky stuff. I think the problem is that it works but that's not made at all clear.

  • Name

    Figure that one out. It says I am called “Name” and apparently hasn't integrated at all, but when I click reply, it says “Replying to Mark Hogan”. And somehow it has acquired the URL for my website despite the fact that I didn't put that in this time…