Second Edition …

…Okay, so here I am in Wales. On my new PC, vista and all that Jazz. Got a pretty neat set up, had to buy some speakers, but for  Â£9.99, I’m not too bitter 😀

Now, ATM I’m listening to Blink 182, as that is what I was copying, and it seems that SouthanUK General, at this time, has 182 posts. LOL. [This’ll be 189. Kinda ruins the magic XD]

Now, I’m here in Wales, and have found that I HAVE HIOMEWORK xD Nah, my uni has sent me some shit about a “PRD” [personal reflective diary …I can only assume the faggotry of this name is cause I’m taking an art fag course which is probably mainly female] and it means I have to write what “inspires me” each day. Hmm. Could be interesting. It’s going well. I’ve done a “title page”, but need to catch up for teh week otr so of august that has passed me by xD. It’s only A5 big though, so it’s okay 😀

AS WELL AS THAT I have to do a load of drawings in an A4 sketchbook, of me, the world etc.

It should be fun though. Trying not to look at it as work. I like to draw. Should be good 😀 Hmm… I’ll let you know how it goes …

AS PER OTHER NEWS… Nah, actually that’s about it. Had to go into town twice today to sort out shit, and I find that [the second time I went] I needed a hundred pounds deposit to start a flex account. Fail.

Oh well. My space should be up now-ish.