My first edition

This is Chij and here I am, on SouthanUK. I am a “Contributor” and will attempt to do so as much as possible.

Er… what to say, what to say.

Well… For any who don’t know me, …theres not much to tell really, unless you’re really interested, in which case, read on. If you’re not interested, WHY ARE YOU HERE? XD

I have [hopefully] completed A levels, and am going to do a foundation study in Art and Design at Glamorgan in Wales. Yes, Wales. I know. Far away. Blah.

I draw. This is, essentially, ALL I DO. That’s why there is a “[hopefully]” in the previous …paragraph? It was kinda short to be dubbed a paragraph, but the grammatical constraints deem it so.

Now. More stuff? I also play guitar, work out when I can, dress weirdly. I dont know. Nothing really out of the ordinary for the quintessential art student 18 years of age.

Blah. You’re still reading?

WHAT IS IMHO? Okay, let me explain. When you [in predictive text speak] type “going”, you press 4-6-4-6-4. Now, when typing 4-6-4-6, you come up with “imho”. Is it merely In My Honest Opinion? This I am told, but I do not like to agree with.

So yeah.

Chij out.

Shit Happens.

Bored Now.