Online Shops

In all my years of buying stuff off of the internet no one so far has ever missed out on an order or has ever been rude about their bussiness.

Today i recieved some sound equipment, however, the people who sold it forgot to put in a free microphone. So i send an email off straight away concensing the missing mic.About 20 mins later i got a reply, now thats what i call service, and they are sending out my mic.

I wrote this to just highlight that even buying stuff of unknow dealers can be ok and you are still protected by your statatory rights and all that. If you have any problems never feel shy about asking people are always amenalble to you.

If people refuse to give you an item that was included free, you could take them to the trading standards authority (or similar authority) and claim for misadvertising products. You then could get some sort of reparation for that if you are successful
Anyways best not drag on, much to do.